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AUTOTRIZ is the world’s most innovative surface creation for wide range of surface protection and applications formulated by German’s advanced nanotechnology.

Be assured of the best surface protection!


Since 18th century, Germany has been advanced in creating an extensive range of chemicals, coatings and bonding materials engineered to exceed the world’s…


Many people will think most of the coatings are similar but what makes us different from others? What makes us stand out of competition as the market leader?


seramik kaplamada tüv onayı

Is your coating tested, inspected and certified? A certified product is a certainty of quality. Believe no more on those self-proclaimed product without certification…

About Autotriz

Autotriz 360° Vehicle Protection Plan

Autotriz provides a complete 360° Protection packages of Nano Ceramic Coatings for Cars & Bikes. We also provides customized solutions for Detailing, Polishing and regular Car care.

Why Choose Autotriz ?

Autotriz is the fastest growing brand in Turkey as Protective Coatings in Various Sectors such as Automotive, Aircraft, Marine & Home applications worldwide.

Benefits of Autotriz Nano ceramic coatings

Our Revolutionary products form Permanent barrier of 9H Hardness which offer excellent resistance against Scratches, Chemicals & Temperatures. It Protects the paint surface from Oxidation, Discoloration, Dirt, Acid rains, Hard water and UV rays.

Different from other Conventional Coatings

Silicon based coatings such as “Teflon“, “Silica“, “Quartz“..etc improves paint hardness by only 4H-7H but its efficiency and performance will decrease over the time. Autotriz Nano Structure Coating forms a Permanent bond of 9H hardness on the paintwork ensuring high Durability with amazing depth of Glossiness & Reflections.

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