AUTOTRIZ Automotive is the latest breakthrough in paint protection using multi-functional nano ceramic technology. A tough and strong protective barrier of three-dimensional matrix nano structure is formed on the surface of paint when nano ceramic particles penetrates and fills up microscopic pores of paint. The cross linking molecular structure increases paint hardness to above 9H, producing extreme clarity, high glossy, hydrophobic and ultra-smooth surface.

This high density coating will never deteriorate as it can only be removed by abrasives like sand paper. It has excellent resistance to prevent environmental damages such as acid rain, bird droppings, acid, alkali, mud and dirt.


AUTOTRIZ Automotive is specifically developed after years of real environmental test in Southeast Asia exposing to the harshest tropical & most extreme monsoon’s climates where it is either hot or tropical rain pours year round.

AUTOTRIZ Automotive is proven to effectively protect thousands of exotic cars globally no matter in what weather conftions.


  • Easy to clean, hydrophobic effect
  • Strong chemical resistant
  • Anti-grafitti
  • Anti-fouling, dirt repellent
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • 9H scratch resistance
  • Excellent gloss & colour enhancement
  • Permanent bond